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As with Masonic lodges we run a tiered system on becoming a member. This is not only to make sure you are a good fit for the Widows Sons but to also make sure we are a good fit for you. We pride ourselves on our Masonic values and chairty. Our members are there to promote freemasonry in a positive light, support our lodges and help raise money for worthy causes.  
Applications are as below. (Please note the patching ceremony does not run as an MC/MCC ceremony but as a continuation of the 3rd degree and an official welcome to the Widows Sons)

  • First contact. 

  • Invite to official natter night or ride. 

  • Given application 

  • Return application at second meeting 

  • 3rd meeting (fees) & receive stonecutter patch 

  • Attend events / rides 

  • main event patching in ceremony

  • Must attend main event such as cider rally / national rally / other rally  to receive WS patch. 

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