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As with Masonic Lodges, we run a tiered system on becoming a member. This is not only to make sure you are a good fit for the Widows Sons but to also make sure we are a good fit for you. We pride ourselves on our Masonic values and charity. Our members are there to promote Freemasonry in a positive light, support our Lodges and help raise money for worthy causes. 

Applications are as below. (Please note the patching ceremony does not run as an MC/MCC ceremony but as an official welcome to the Widows Sons.)

  • Prior to joining, it is requisite that the applicant attends a number of our events and ride-outs to get to know the members of the Chapter. (You may submit an application for membership prior to meeting us. It will be considered when we know you.) 

  • An application form will be provided. It must be completed in full and submitted.

  • If the applicant is a Freemason, they may need to be "proved" by the Secretary. (This is not the case where he is known by a Brother who is already a member.) The Chapter Secretary will approach the applicants Lodge Secretary to confirm they are a current Master Mason.

  • The Secretary then processes the application.

  • The elected Officers of the Chapter will discuss and vote on the application. If there is mutual agreement, the applicant will be contacted by the Secretary and will be invited to join. 

  • Should the applicant wish to take up membership, the joining fee will be payable in advance as instructed by the Secretary.

  • The applicant will receive their Stonecutters patch at an appropriate Natter Night or Ride.  

  • Must attend main event such as Cider Rally / National Rally / other rally to receive the Widows Sons and Masonic Wings patches. 

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